The Decoded Family of gyms includes CrossFit Decoded in Palm Springs, Decoded Brazilian Jui-Jitsu in Palm Springs, and Decoded Training Center in Desert Hot Springs.  Check out the about pages for information on each location.

Coach Jude Chandrasena

Coach Megan Waldbillig

Megan Waldbillig has a life-long history and passion for being involved in sports and athletics.  Her athleticism, passion for fitness, and the desire to realize her physical potential, led her to discover the challenging “sport of fitness,” otherwise known as CrossFit in 2014.  Later in 2017, her enthusiasm for physical activity propelled her into a career shift, as she earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification.  Since then she has been able to apply her knowledge and experience acquired through years of CrossFit, thoroughly enjoying the fulfilling profession as a CrossFit coach and personal trainer.  She continues to compete in the yearly CrossFit open, Southern California CrossFit competitions, as well as her other highly passionate sport of skateboarding.  Megan remains interested in trying new sports and techniques where she can continue to challenge herself, while applying those same principles to coaching each athlete to the best version of themselves.

IG: Megantisha

Coach Arturo “Tudy” Alvarez


My name is Arturo Alvarez also known as Tudy to my close family and friends.
I’m a full-time Respiratory Therapist and Father to my beautiful little girl Jaylah. Acquired my CF-L1 June of 2015 and now Coaching and Training at Crossfit Decoded.
When I’m not spending time with my direct family I’m spending time with my crossfit family killing ourselves with WODs ;P.
Decoded BJJ member
Ig: hiimtudy

BJJ Instructor Ben Ryan

BJJ Instructor Tony Saurez