The Decoded Family of gyms includes CrossFit Decoded in Palm Springs, Decoded Brazilian Jui-Jitsu in Palm Springs, and Decoded Training Center in Desert Hot Springs.  Check out the about pages for information on each location.

Coach Jude Chandrasena

Coach Michelle Sanchez

Coach Arturo “Tudy” Alvarez


My name is Arturo Alvarez also known as Tudy to my close family and friends.
I’m a full-time Respiratory Therapist and Father to my beautiful little girl Jaylah. Acquired my CF-L1 June of 2015 and now Coaching and Training at Crossfit Decoded.
When I’m not spending time with my direct family I’m spending time with my crossfit family killing ourselves with WODs ;P.
Goodfew sponsored athlete @goodfewfamily.com
Decoded BJJ member
Ig: hiimtudy

Coach Jenn Kepner

Coach Jeff Hohman


Hello, everyone, my name is Jeff.  I have been a “fitness buff” my entire adult life.  Although I loved playing football in high school, and I was a decent tight end, my true strength was running.  The 400m dash in fact.  I held a state record and a school record for about 11 years.  After running track with some teams at college in Wisconsin, I moved to California.  Here I spent several years working as a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County, which included assignments with some tactical teams.  Now I am a full-time coach and trainer.  I have my CF-L1 and ETP Nutrition Coach Certification.  I am currently working on my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (the leading cert in the country, what all strength coaches for pro teams have) and am taking my CF-L2 class this spring.

BJJ Instructor Ben Ryan

BJJ Instructor Tony Saurez